Do we need a sarcasm font?

I was a very sarcastic young person. Especially in junior high. I think I was drawn to it for the humor and creativity. I prefer believing this versus thinking I was a jerk. It feels true to me, because I was also kind and compassionate. I didn’t understand then why I was so sarcastic, other than for humor. I believe I was vaguely aware of some mental stimulation, but otherwise I had no answer to the question, “why are you so sarcastic?

Though I meant no malice, I learned that it wasn’t always received as intended and year by year I toned it down. I improved my filters, didn’t always say what I was thinking, and became a bit more sensitive to timing. Decades later I still enjoy it though I feel I indulge with sensitivity.

I once read a summary of a study that showed people were more creative after giving and receiving sarcastic remarks. One of the explanations offered is because it requires decoding contradictions. That makes perfect sense. Sarcasm requires making quick connections. I got to thinking about my past and sent some love to my quick-thinking younger self. It helped me understand her a little better.

Sarcasm is fun, though sometimes tricky in a text or online communication. Comments can feel harsh without a smile or warm tone of voice. Adding an emoji doesn’t always help. I suppose a sarcasm font could make a difference, but wouldn’t that take some of the fun out of it? Having the moment of realization is part of the humor. Maybe instead people just need to trust each other more.

What do you think?

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