These are not fidget spinners

I’m cat-trapped. I have a cat snuggled up against me, so I can’t move. I’m stuck and I love it. Good time to phone blog.

I’ve never considered myself a highly driven person. I enjoy doing nothing. Still, my cats have a way of pulling my attention at times when I probably need it. It’s not good for my knees to sit at my desk too long. If I’m into what I’m doing though, I can sit there for hours. Zara doesn’t really let me do that anymore. She’ll pull me away to feed her or play with her. Sometimes she’ll just sit next to me or on my feet and her presence makes me want to stop what I’m doing and pet her. Safari pulls me away as well. Often it involves squirming on his back and showing me his most magical belly. He knows I cannot resist it. He’s the one snuggling me now.

I’m not fidgety, so my kitties can keep me curled up for long stretches of time. Usually it ends because someone is hungry or my bladder is full. I know a lot of people have trouble with stillness. No surprise fidget spinners are big now. I’m guessing they are especially helpful if you don’t have cats or are away from home and can’t pet them. I’ve seen all sorts of them and I’m sure someone will be fiddling with one at trivia tonight.

Anyway, I’m not an expert on what makes a good fidget spinner, but I did have an idea one day and made this t-shirt. 😊😆😇😜🙄


These are not fidget spinners t-shirt (amazon)