Whiteboard animations

I’m learning to make whiteboard animations. I’m building an online class and was struggling with filling some of the screen time. I didn’t want to do the talking head thing and then it hit me that these animations could be a way to illustrate points I want to make and also give me a way to fill screen time.

I’m using videoscribe. They offer a 7 day trial period and from there you can buy a subscription. I easily found an online coupon for a 20% discount, so one year cost me just over $100.

I can’t draw. I would never be able to make anything resembling these videos without the help of this software. As I continue to explore my creativity, I am reminded that dealing with my limitations requires creativity. Figuring out how I want to express something creatively can be it’s own exercise in creativity.

I still have a lot to learn, but my videos are getting better. As I progress in making the class, I have remade my earlier videos a few times already.

Here’s one not from the class, just one I made for fun. It contains one of my favorite quotes, a quote I’ve been thinking a lot of these days.




Spring is finally here. It nearly avoided April, teasing where I live with a few nice(r) days scattered between the cold, snow and yuck. We had a lot of neither winter or spring crappiness this year and I didn’t care for it. I like my seasons more defined or rather, I like the days to stay in their lane. I’m not a fan of snow in April or 75 degrees in January unless I’m where that’s expected.

In almost every way, I enjoy the unexpected. The problem is that where I live, this weather weirdness messes with nature. The trees and bushes bud too early then freeze. Many are still completely bare here. Flowers pop up and freeze, missing their chance for this year. I love watching everything come alive in the spring and I enjoy the moderate temperatures as we change from winter to summer.

So until recently, we haven’t had a spring. Then it sprung. I walked down the street this morning and enjoyed seeing the flowers that have shot up, the green leaves that seem to have come out almost overnight. The sun was out and the air felt soft on my skin.

Now that we are into spring, I need to get moving. I told myself that once the weather became more hospitable I would get out and walk. The jaunt this morning was just down to my mailbox, so it doesn’t exactly count though it was walking and outside. I mean, I need to start taking walks. Moving. Exercising. I am way too sedentary. So many of the things I enjoy involve laying and sitting. One of my more popular t-shirts reads “Petting my Cat is my Cardio.” This is who I am.

So just as spring could no longer procrastinate it’s arrival, I must get my butt moving. Yes, I could have been doing some kind of exercise already. I have a treadmill, a gym membership, a house to clean. I could also berate myself for the delay, but also like spring’s arrival, better late than never.

Heads-up! If petting your cat is your cardio, check out redbubble. They are doing a 20% off site wide sale today with code MOMSDAY. I did a little shopping this morning. See, even my shopping is sedentary. Anyway, the site is filled with lots of talented artists and fresh designs.

Here’s a link to my redbubble designs for this tote and other items in this collected work.
Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 6.01.18 PM

Happy Spring.


You know you want to do something …

… when you want to do it while you’re sick.

I’m sick. I rarely get sick. I have days I don’t feel super, mostly because I stay up too late. Right now I am full on sick. I even went to the doctor yesterday and got some meds. It’s a bad chest cold I guess. I don’t remember if she actually said what it was. I just know the breathing treatment helped, and the Rx meds are helping. I got some sleep last night.

I settled on going with WordPress for this website, but I have much to do to make it a site. I need content, and it’s hard to work on that while I’m sick. It’s also hard to work on new designs and other creative things. I kinda want to though, but then I do something and find weirdo errors and wonder, how many am I not catching? I just noticed I wrote “kinda.”

So for now, I suppose most things will wait. I will let the fuzziness of my head subside. I’ll be back.


I’m falling in love with redbubble

I recently started a t-shirt business on Amazon and then expanded to more products on My head is spinning with thoughts of new listings, setting up another round of social media accounts, trying to decide which things that are finished to put up and getting distracted with wanting to make new stuff. I’m excited, dizzy, confused, feeling the urge to rush in full force believing this is going to be great and wanting to ignore everything else in life, and then falling back a little on some realism … putting myself out there may be a great experience, but no one may actually want my stuff.

That’s falling in love, right?

Fortunately my cats pull me from my computer via their cuteness, head bumps, and  pawing on me. Sometimes they want something, and other times I think they just know I need to be pulled away.  They have inspired many kitty themed items and images.  I love them so.

Love is the dominant theme for most of my designs. My first t-shirt is one I had wanted to make for a long time. Simply white text on a black shirt “love is better.” I got all jazzed when I first saw it for sale on amazon. Even more so when someone sent me a picture wearing it. I registered the domain years ago and decided that would be the name for this new website. For now it still points to my page. Once I decide if I will keep this blog or make a different kind of site, I’ll redirect.

I still need to fix up this blog space. Choice of template and links to stuff coming soon. I’ll post more later. Right now, I need to play with my cats.