You know you want to do something …

… when you want to do it while you’re sick.

I’m sick. I rarely get sick. I have days I don’t feel super, mostly because I stay up too late. Right now I am full on sick. I even went to the doctor yesterday and got some meds. It’s a bad chest cold I guess. I don’t remember if she actually said what it was. I just know the breathing treatment helped, and the Rx meds are helping. I got some sleep last night.

I settled on going with WordPress for this website, but I have much to do to make it a site. I need content, and it’s hard to work on that while I’m sick. It’s also hard to work on new designs and other creative things. I kinda want to though, but then I do something and find weirdo errors and wonder, how many am I not catching? I just noticed I wrote “kinda.”

So for now, I suppose most things will wait. I will let the fuzziness of my head subside. I’ll be back.

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