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Playing with Pinterest

I started using Pinterest years ago. I love it. Talk about a time suck. I would get lost wandering through images, lusting after delicious food, searching for plants, pinning amazing garden pics, looking at adorable animals …

I never used it for business. Pinterest was just my surfing pleasure. I’m slowing starting a new account. I’m going to include a few boards that relate to my business as well as Pinterest tangents. I accidentally discovered I have a Pinterest code. Who knew? I unintentionally clicked on my profile click and boom! There it was. I don’t fully get what I can do with it yet, but I have it. Here it is:

It’s pretty. If I understand this correctly, the colorful dots around my profile pic (pink heart) create a scannable code kind of like a bar code. Am I suppose to hotlink it to my Pinterest account? Still much to learn.

I’m also experimenting with Amazon giveaways. The first one I did was with my Dream Catchers Journal and it went super quick. It was over in 24 hours. I think my odds were generous. More about that in another post.

Lots of new shirts and journals posted this past week. Pop sockets coming soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!