Letting Go of All or Nothing

Limits. Moderation. All or nothing.

When it comes to food, exercise, and sleep management I have problems with all or nothing behaviors. I’m currently working on it. I am now a month into some changes that are going pretty well. My focus is on making long term sustainable changes and I’m working on it gradually. It’s the “gradually” part that is in many ways the biggest challenge.

The things I have added or shifted have been easier than I expected. I started doing pilates twice a week. I need to exercise every day, but for now all I am doing is my twice a week pilates. I’ve been at it a month and I love it. I actually want to go. I’m going to give it another month and then add something else in then eventually something else, etc.

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Prior versions of me would have come up with a big plan for how I am going to work out 5 or 7 days a week then blown it in the first week and gone back to doing nothing. I remind myself of this each time I think about going from my twice a week pilates to adding on three more days worth of stuff. When I think about what things I’d add it all sounds great. I’m pumped up to do it, but then almost immediately I feel it all crumble apart inside of me. I know deep inside that I’d revert back to nothing. Instead I remind myself of this new plan, to do one thing for a while and let it become ingrained and a part of me before I add or change it up.

Gradual change. Sustainable change. Real change.

The same week I started the pilates I also made some eating changes. I’ve been eating about 90-95% vegan. Accepting that I don’t ever need to be 100% has freed me somehow. I’m going on my 5th week and it has been easy and working out so much better than I expected. Old me would have made a much more extreme choice, cracked after a few days and binged on something I swore off forever.

I still have more eating changes ahead of me. I still need to deal with snacking, portions etc. For example, a package of organic cookies is still a package of cookies. I’ll get there. Eventually.

Gradual change. Sustainable change. Real change.

p.s. When your plans to schedule a blog post go awry and instead it’s a publish immediately, call oops and move on.


Magical Lemons & Limes

Many years ago, a friend taught me a trick she came up with for having fresh slices of lemon and limes in her water. She washes them, slices them, then puts them in the freezer. Whenever she wants a slice in her water, she pulls one out, plops it in and as it melts the juice flavors the water.


I still do this and love it. I drink a lot of water. In fact, it’s pretty much the only thing I drink most days. There’s the occasional cup of hot chocolate in winter or a glass of wine every so often. Sometimes I drink herbal tea. Most days though it’s just water. I enjoy sparking water, and have a soda stream so sometimes I spark my water and enjoy the bubbles. Most of the time it’s just water and adding my frozen slice of fruit makes it feel special. Every. Single. Time.

For some reason, this tip has recently popped up in conversation a few times. It’s not something I normally discuss or look for ways to work into conversation. But there it was, and each time I shared it the person was so appreciative of the tip. It got me thinking (perhaps overthinking) and it occurred to me that these simple slices felt more to me than easy ways to enjoy their fresh juices. They feel like a treat, like something decadent, like I’m doing something special for myself. I feel abundant and grateful to have them.

Each time this came up, as I was sharing my tip, I felt reminded that we can derive good feelings from simple things. Maybe in addition to the easy way to have a fresh slice, this came through as well. I hope so.

I’d love to know about your magical lemons and limes.