I’m baaaack

I really thought I had posted something a bit more recent. Not since February? I refreshed a few times just in case because it seemed too long.

Focus, Lisa.

I’m writing now to share some awesome pics of a new transport vehicle of the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. HSGD is a no-kill local shelter and it’s where I adopted my kitties three years ago.

I was able to make a sponsorship contribution towards the purchase. Check out that peace sign, heart and cat silhouette. That’s my website!!

These folks do so much for animals and for people too, because these precious beings improve the lives of those that adopt them.

HSGD staff and volunteers do all the good stuff you’d expect in a shelter, but they also do the extra stuff. Hard, dirty stuff that many won’t do. They save animals from cruelty and neglect. Love them for it.

I was also able to be a Furry Skurry sponsor back in May. Loved it and looking forward to doing it again in 2020.



I’m feeling much better and have made headway on this site. If you check out the pages under shop, you’ll find product pictures that include t-shirts, cases & skins, wall art, home decor, bags, and stationary.

I posted this pic on my facebook page yesterday. It features two of my amazon shirts, Cool Vibes and Meow. I think meow is a pretty cool vibe.

I’ve also posted a pic of my kitties, Zara and Safari under Cats. They are a bonded pair of siblings I adopted in August 2016. They are amazing and have become the center of my world. I love them with all my heart. More about them in future blog posts.

Yesterday was the March For Our Lives event and I got this pic from my friend, Susan. Our friendship is one of the longest and most cherished in my life, and I was so happy see her wearing one of my love is better shirts.
Version 2

The snow that was supposed to come this weekend didn’t make it. I hope that means that spring is actually coming instead. I’m ready for it.

Have a beautiful day.