I’m baaaack

I really thought I had posted something a bit more recent. Not since February? I refreshed a few times just in case because it seemed too long.

Focus, Lisa.

I’m writing now to share some awesome pics of a new transport vehicle of the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. HSGD is a no-kill local shelter and it’s where I adopted my kitties three years ago.

I was able to make a sponsorship contribution towards the purchase. Check out that peace sign, heart and cat silhouette. That’s my website!!

These folks do so much for animals and for people too, because these precious beings improve the lives of those that adopt them.

HSGD staff and volunteers do all the good stuff you’d expect in a shelter, but they also do the extra stuff. Hard, dirty stuff that many won’t do. They save animals from cruelty and neglect. Love them for it.

I was also able to be a Furry Skurry sponsor back in May. Loved it and looking forward to doing it again in 2020.


Current Obsessions

I recently discovered Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie and I am obsessed with their food. Their products do not have artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, and some are vegan. They also have a hefty amount of protein and a reasonable amount of sugar. In addition to their complete cookies, they have these new crispy cookies that make me swoon and their brownies are divine. I haven’t bought a protein bar in months.

This is Us is back on and I actually watch it live when I’m home. I’ve even been known to tweet about it on commercials. I even posted a pic on Instagram of my cats napping on the sofa with me while I was watching it. I love this show so much.

I started doing Pilates this summer and I’m still doing it. I do not like to exercise and yet I look to this and it’s exercise. I admit I thought it would be easier. I see pictures of people laying down on the reformer and I thought, how hard is it? I’m happy to say that I’m getting stronger and more fit. I’m hooked.

I recently started uploading products to zazzle. I’ve been purchasing some of my items and so far I am really pleased with the quality. Sometimes I spend hours on a design I end up not even using, so it’s coming along slowly. It’s fun and I completely lose track of time. I’ve sprinkled in a few pictures from two of my collections, Peace Love Cats and Colorful Paw Prints.

No obsession list is ever complete without my cats. I love them so much.



Spring is finally here. It nearly avoided April, teasing where I live with a few nice(r) days scattered between the cold, snow and yuck. We had a lot of neither winter or spring crappiness this year and I didn’t care for it. I like my seasons more defined or rather, I like the days to stay in their lane. I’m not a fan of snow in April or 75 degrees in January unless I’m where that’s expected.

In almost every way, I enjoy the unexpected. The problem is that where I live, this weather weirdness messes with nature. The trees and bushes bud too early then freeze. Many are still completely bare here. Flowers pop up and freeze, missing their chance for this year. I love watching everything come alive in the spring and I enjoy the moderate temperatures as we change from winter to summer.

So until recently, we haven’t had a spring. Then it sprung. I walked down the street this morning and enjoyed seeing the flowers that have shot up, the green leaves that seem to have come out almost overnight. The sun was out and the air felt soft on my skin.

Now that we are into spring, I need to get moving. I told myself that once the weather became more hospitable I would get out and walk. The jaunt this morning was just down to my mailbox, so it doesn’t exactly count though it was walking and outside. I mean, I need to start taking walks. Moving. Exercising. I am way too sedentary. So many of the things I enjoy involve laying and sitting. One of my more popular t-shirts reads “Petting my Cat is my Cardio.” This is who I am.

So just as spring could no longer procrastinate it’s arrival, I must get my butt moving. Yes, I could have been doing some kind of exercise already. I have a treadmill, a gym membership, a house to clean. I could also berate myself for the delay, but also like spring’s arrival, better late than never.

Heads-up! If petting your cat is your cardio, check out redbubble. They are doing a 20% off site wide sale today with code MOMSDAY. I did a little shopping this morning. See, even my shopping is sedentary. Anyway, the site is filled with lots of talented artists and fresh designs.

Here’s a link to my redbubble designs for this tote and other items in this collected work.
Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 6.01.18 PM

Happy Spring.


Are we a reality show for beings on another planet?

Could we be the “Idiots of Planet Earth” show in some galaxy far far away? (amazon)

Probably not. In a way though, my life is on display to superior beings. I live with 2 cats that observe my every move. They like to be near me, so they follow me around and watch what I do. When I settle in on the computer, the sofa, reading chair, etc., they settle into a nap. If I get up and move around, they get up and see what the fuss is about. I like to think it’s because of their intense interest in me, though it could be food related.

They are the perfect audience for me. They love me unconditionally. They don’t care how I look naked. They are happy when I come home. No matter how soundly they are sleeping when they hear the door open, they are there. Sometimes slowly waking up. Sometimes one will be waking even more slowly, and walking up to join the first one as I enter. I love coming home to them.

Recently I placed a blanket on the back of the sofa. The sofa has comfy cushions along the back, and the back is slightly tilted, so a gap widens as it hangs down the back. This has created a tunnel for patrolling, a hide and seek spot, and a place to hang out. Clearly I need to leave the blanket there now. This is also how the piece of canvas ended up remaining in a random spot on the floor. I have multiple cat trees and elevated cat beds, as well as several other lounging spots by windows and elsewhere for them. My house has been decorated by my cats.

I think one of the reasons I love animals so much is that there is no malice in them. They wouldn’t do the kinds of cruel and destructive stuff I see people do.
They have emotions and my kitties have very expressive eyes. They are mostly about love and I love them more every day.

Who do you love?