Password Journals

Using a password journal is a great way to have a handy hardcopy list of your passwords. Our fun covers let you hide them in plain site. They make keeping track of so many hard to remember passwords much easier. Each book contains 96 site pages along with an index of 8 pages.

Each site has it’s own page with all the details, and room for several updates. Our index on the fly, lets you enter your sites in any order, and keep them organized and easy to find. No more worries about storing passwords on your computer.

Each page has a notes section. For example, you may want to note the account number for a credit card or bank account. If you entered data for a credit bureau, you may want to include the last time you checked your credit, or the unfreeze key if you have frozen your credit. Several lined pages are also included at the end of the book.

Each one of our password journals is disguised with a title and cover that lets you keep your book in plain site. No one will guess what is really inside. Check out the sliders below for a peek inside and to view some of our covers.

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