Words to think by

Words we use with ourselves matter. Thoughts we have about them sometimes matter more.

There’s “just for me” as a negative … I don’t want to do that “just for me” versus

I’m doing it “just for me” because I’m worth the time, energy, effort. I’ll enjoy it.

You could use other words than “just for me” if that helps you reshape your thoughts. You can also change what you intend by the words.

Sometimes you have to do both. Start with intention and you’ll find the best words.

Self talk greatly influences how we feel about ourselves and what we believe about others.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what someone says to you, you will find a way to hear their words in a way that supports what you already believe about yourself.

Start with loving yourself and see where that takes you. 💗


Sugar Scrubs for Sensitive Skin

Sugar scrubs are super easy to make. Maybe the easiest DIY ever! You can spend a lot of money buying them or you can mix together some oil and sugar and voila. Super simple.

I use about twice as much sugar as oil. I suggest starting with a cup of granulated sugar, add a half a cup of oil and stir. If it seems a bit dry, pour in a little bit more oil and stir. Get it to the texture you like.

I use organic sugar, no special brand. The oil varies based on my mood and what I have on hand. Common choices are olive oil, coconut, almond, jojoba and sesame. I will often add some essential oils too. A little goes a long way. If you want unscented, just stick with the oil and sugar only.

Sugar scrubs are awesome for anyone, regardless of your skin type. It’s a gentle way to exfoliate your skin and an easy way to add some moisture in a healthy way. While you wouldn’t want to eat these scrubs, you could by using oils and sugar safe to eat. I think the most healthful products to put on your body are ones safe to put in your body.

I have sensitive skin. When I was young, I could use pretty much any kind of product on my skin without issue. As I’ve gotten older, my skin has become more sensitive to chemicals. I also have psoriasis and so it tends to be dry. The sugar dissolves more easily than salt, so sugar scrubs are gentler than salt scrubs. They gently remove the top dry skin, allowing the oil to penetrate the skin more effectively.

I’ve bought wonderful scrubs made with all natural ingredients. Lots of great products out there. One day I was buying some and paying $15 for a small jar I got to thinking … instead of buying more scrub, I bought a bag of sugar. I already had the oils as well as a stash of essential oils, so I added a bit of lavender in my first batch and was hooked. Now I love mixing my own scrubs. I call them my magic skin potions. I’m using them regularly and my skin is loving it. I know what exactly is in each batch.

I mix mine up right in the container. I like to do small batches and wash the container after I use up each batch. If you take it into the shower, consider using something that isn’t breakable. Chances are you already have some kind of reusable acrylic or plastic container. If not, they aren’t expensive. Do get something reusable though. Our planet has too much plastic trash already.

I wish you soft, silky, healthy skin. Enjoy!


Current Obsessions

I recently discovered Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie and I am obsessed with their food. Their products do not have artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, and some are vegan. They also have a hefty amount of protein and a reasonable amount of sugar. In addition to their complete cookies, they have these new crispy cookies that make me swoon and their brownies are divine. I haven’t bought a protein bar in months.

This is Us is back on and I actually watch it live when I’m home. I’ve even been known to tweet about it on commercials. I even posted a pic on Instagram of my cats napping on the sofa with me while I was watching it. I love this show so much.

I started doing Pilates this summer and I’m still doing it. I do not like to exercise and yet I look to this and it’s exercise. I admit I thought it would be easier. I see pictures of people laying down on the reformer and I thought, how hard is it? I’m happy to say that I’m getting stronger and more fit. I’m hooked.

I recently started uploading products to zazzle. I’ve been purchasing some of my items and so far I am really pleased with the quality. Sometimes I spend hours on a design I end up not even using, so it’s coming along slowly. It’s fun and I completely lose track of time. I’ve sprinkled in a few pictures from two of my collections, Peace Love Cats and Colorful Paw Prints.

No obsession list is ever complete without my cats. I love them so much.


Letting Go of All or Nothing

Limits. Moderation. All or nothing.

When it comes to food, exercise, and sleep management I have problems with all or nothing behaviors. I’m currently working on it. I am now a month into some changes that are going pretty well. My focus is on making long term sustainable changes and I’m working on it gradually. It’s the “gradually” part that is in many ways the biggest challenge.

The things I have added or shifted have been easier than I expected. I started doing pilates twice a week. I need to exercise every day, but for now all I am doing is my twice a week pilates. I’ve been at it a month and I love it. I actually want to go. I’m going to give it another month and then add something else in then eventually something else, etc.

Petting my Cat is my Cardio shirt at Amazon

Prior versions of me would have come up with a big plan for how I am going to work out 5 or 7 days a week then blown it in the first week and gone back to doing nothing. I remind myself of this each time I think about going from my twice a week pilates to adding on three more days worth of stuff. When I think about what things I’d add it all sounds great. I’m pumped up to do it, but then almost immediately I feel it all crumble apart inside of me. I know deep inside that I’d revert back to nothing. Instead I remind myself of this new plan, to do one thing for a while and let it become ingrained and a part of me before I add or change it up.

Gradual change. Sustainable change. Real change.

The same week I started the pilates I also made some eating changes. I’ve been eating about 90-95% vegan. Accepting that I don’t ever need to be 100% has freed me somehow. I’m going on my 5th week and it has been easy and working out so much better than I expected. Old me would have made a much more extreme choice, cracked after a few days and binged on something I swore off forever.

I still have more eating changes ahead of me. I still need to deal with snacking, portions etc. For example, a package of organic cookies is still a package of cookies. I’ll get there. Eventually.

Gradual change. Sustainable change. Real change.

p.s. When your plans to schedule a blog post go awry and instead it’s a publish immediately, call oops and move on.