My love affair with Brussels sprouts

I crazy love Brussels sprouts. Now.

I thought I didn’t like them. I don’t remember if I tried them and didn’t like them, confused them with something else I didn’t like, or decided as a child I wouldn’t like them and the thought turned into a fact. It’s possible I made an uninformed decision to not like them.

I recently had some and after the first one I was blown away. I love vegetables and wondered how I managed to go this long believing I didn’t like them. I still have a lot to learn about myself.


As with any new love, I’ve been binge eating them. I’m making a decision to back off a little, rather than eat them to death. I tend towards food ruts, so I’m mixing it up and adding them into the rotation.

I’m in this relationship for the long run.


Letting Go of All or Nothing

Limits. Moderation. All or nothing.

When it comes to food, exercise, and sleep management I have problems with all or nothing behaviors. I’m currently working on it. I am now a month into some changes that are going pretty well. My focus is on making long term sustainable changes and I’m working on it gradually. It’s the “gradually” part that is in many ways the biggest challenge.

The things I have added or shifted have been easier than I expected. I started doing pilates twice a week. I need to exercise every day, but for now all I am doing is my twice a week pilates. I’ve been at it a month and I love it. I actually want to go. I’m going to give it another month and then add something else in then eventually something else, etc.

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Prior versions of me would have come up with a big plan for how I am going to work out 5 or 7 days a week then blown it in the first week and gone back to doing nothing. I remind myself of this each time I think about going from my twice a week pilates to adding on three more days worth of stuff. When I think about what things I’d add it all sounds great. I’m pumped up to do it, but then almost immediately I feel it all crumble apart inside of me. I know deep inside that I’d revert back to nothing. Instead I remind myself of this new plan, to do one thing for a while and let it become ingrained and a part of me before I add or change it up.

Gradual change. Sustainable change. Real change.

The same week I started the pilates I also made some eating changes. I’ve been eating about 90-95% vegan. Accepting that I don’t ever need to be 100% has freed me somehow. I’m going on my 5th week and it has been easy and working out so much better than I expected. Old me would have made a much more extreme choice, cracked after a few days and binged on something I swore off forever.

I still have more eating changes ahead of me. I still need to deal with snacking, portions etc. For example, a package of organic cookies is still a package of cookies. I’ll get there. Eventually.

Gradual change. Sustainable change. Real change.

p.s. When your plans to schedule a blog post go awry and instead it’s a publish immediately, call oops and move on.


Whiteboard animations

I’m learning to make whiteboard animations. I’m building an online class and was struggling with filling some of the screen time. I didn’t want to do the talking head thing and then it hit me that these animations could be a way to illustrate points I want to make and also give me a way to fill screen time.

I’m using videoscribe. They offer a 7 day trial period and from there you can buy a subscription. I easily found an online coupon for a 20% discount, so one year cost me just over $100.

I can’t draw. I would never be able to make anything resembling these videos without the help of this software. As I continue to explore my creativity, I am reminded that dealing with my limitations requires creativity. Figuring out how I want to express something creatively can be it’s own exercise in creativity.

I still have a lot to learn, but my videos are getting better. As I progress in making the class, I have remade my earlier videos a few times already.

Here’s one not from the class, just one I made for fun. It contains one of my favorite quotes, a quote I’ve been thinking a lot of these days.



My dad bought me orange shoes

When I was a little girl my dad bought me orange shoes. We were in Kmart and they were in one of those bins where the pairs of shoes are connected with a white plastic string. They had a buckle on them and were a reddish orange. To me, they looked just like Dorothy’s shoes, those magical ruby slippers. They caught my eye, I pulled them out of the bin, and slipped them on.


I really wanted them. I took a few steps (hard to do since the shoes were connected) and I could hear a tap from the heals. I loved that sound when I was a kid. I loved shoes that made noise, like women’s high heels. Even then, I knew that they didn’t really look like Dorothy’s shoes. The resemblance was vague at best. There was just something about them that felt magical to me, something that felt like those ruby shoes. Some part of me thought I would be magical in those shoes.


I asked my dad if I could have them and he said yes. He bought them and when we got home, my mom was horrified. I don’t think she liked them (she had such great taste) and I suspect she also started wondering something like “what will she wear them with.” Money was tight so blowing it on hardly to be worn shoes was not a good idea.

I don’t remember much of the conversation and in truth, my mom wasn’t really upset. It was that sort of eye-roll what did you do now kind of thing. What I do remember, as vividly as if it were yesterday, was my dad saying this, “… but honey, every girl needs a pair of orange shoes.”

Pretty cool, huh?

I was talking with someone recently about growth … about how we learn, grow, discover who we are through our experiences in life, and also how those same experiences can prompt us to pile on camouflage masking our true nature, our best self. I’ve been thinking about that little girl in the orange shoes. Thinking about my younger self and about how great she was whatever my insecurities then might have been. I’ve been looking to her as a muse and a teacher. I’m realizing I have a few things to learn from her and that I miss her.

I also miss my dad, the guy that bought me those shoes, and my incredible mom that let me wear them any time I wanted.

So many of us have lessons we need to un-learn from our childhood. Do you ever think about what you need to embrace?

Have a beautiful day and wear your orange shoes.