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love is better
Good Vibes
Take the High Road

Kindness is the New Cool Summer Fun Shirt (dark)
Keep Families Together Shirt (dark)
Love More Shirt (light)
Fun Vacation Settings T-Shirt

Keep Families Together Shirt (light)
Keep Families Together Shirt (dark)
Share the Love, Keep Families Together Shirt (dark)
Share the Love, Keep Families Together Shirt (light)

Funny Cat Shirt Preparing to Engage Butt Wiggle
Are you Kitten Me Funny Cat Shirt (Not a morning person)
If I Sits I Fits Cat in Glass Funny Shirt
Funny Cat Shirt If I Fits I Sits

Peace, Love, Cats
Cats are Groovy
You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it and then it saves you

Petting my cat is my cardio
I need more catnaps (sleeping kitty)
Feline Protector

I share 90% of my DNA with cats
I’d rather be home with my cat

Vote (USA flag)
hearts & USA flag

Cinco de Mayo (heart)
Earth Day – Save the Bees

Quantum Ice Cream, in an alternate universe it’s health food
Your secrets are safe with me, I rarely listen xoxo
These are not fidget spinners

Sarcasm Setting: ON
Fun Settings: (Relax ON, Clothes OFF, Tequila ON, Inhibitions OFF, Roaming ON)
Goals: maybe if I do yoga I can reach stuff without getting up

Shy Guy
I like to cuddle puddle with my fish

Friends are in it for the long haul
My love is in it for the long haul

I love Centerville
I love Centerville (always warm & cheerful)
I love Centerville (gold & cheerful 2018)

It’s Time, Leave the Cocoon